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We are currently in the process of adding to our website. One new feature will be our sales page of new and updated and expanded books, monographs, and  new and previously available DVDs. Some of the offerings will include:


  • Restraint & Handcuffing for private and healthcare security.
  • Physical Intervention, Forcible Eviction, & Liability Reduction Training for Bar Staff – third expanded edition. (Originally endorsed by ACE INA, the second largest insurance underwriter in the world, in 2000). This edition will include an optional online exam and certification.
  • Baton training techniques for private & healthcare security.
  • Arrest & Control training for armed security & military police.
  • Threat Analysis, Contingency Planning and Close Protection Training



  • Chinese Military Police – Knife, Baton & Weapon Defense – Second edition. Expanded and updated with new material, photographs, combat forms & applications.
  • Collected Articles by Dennis Rovere – includes previously published articles (revised and expanded) as well as new articles written specifically for this monograph.
  • Chinese Commando Lian Bu Quan – traditional form as modified & taught to Chinese commando units during the anti-Japanese war.


  • Chinese Military Bodyguard Knife Combat Form & Applications (2 disk set)
  • Chinese Commando Close Combat Lesson #1 Overview – combat conditioning, form & applications
  • Chinese Commando Close Combat Lessons 2&3 – Striking Blocks & basic knife defense training (2 disk set)
  • High Threat Armed Arrest & Control
  • Military Xingyi Sabre Training with Applications


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